10 Best Substitute for Orange Juice

Best Substitute for Orange Juice

Delicious and refreshing, orange juice is a great drink, especially during the summer months! You can also use it for cooking and baking to incorporate sweet-tart flavors. While it is available ready to drink, it tastes best when you enjoy it fresh! What if orange juice isn’t available? What else can you use? Read on … Read more

7 Best Substitutes for Nutmeg

What Should You Know About Nutmeg Substitutes? As some of you might have known, nutmeg is a kind of evergreen tree living in tropical areas. It also plays a role as a fragrant spice in many dishes. There are two main types of nutmeg, including the ground and whole. Often, chefs recommend that we use … Read more

8 Best Substitutes for Yogurt

Smooth, creamy, sweet, and savory with a sour tang, yogurt is an explosion of flavors! It is a great alternative for many people who are looking for a healthy snack. At the same time, it also has various culinary applications. You can use it in dips, sauces, marinades, and baked goods. During instances when you … Read more

14 Best Granulated Sugar Substitutes

Sugar is a must-have component in every kitchen. It is an indispensable ingredient in many recipes, especially in baking.  This ingredient is available in various forms, depending on each individual’s diet. Many people use granulated sugar for various recipes such as cooking, baking, and sweeteners. What should you do if there is no kind of … Read more

Best Italian Seasoning Substitute

Italian seasoning is a standard spice mix that may be used in various recipes like spaghetti, pasta, salads, lasagna, and marinades. You can easily find this spice in almost any supermarket or grocery. However, it is not always available on the shelf.  What should you do if you run out of it or can’t see … Read more

Best 6 Leek Substitutes

What Should You Know About Leeks? As most of you have known, leeks are common ingredients in many foods, ranging from stews soups to stir-fried meals. For more details, leeks are well-known for being a vegetable type originating from the Allium ampeloprasum. The same members in the family include scallion, shallot, onion, chives, and garlic. … Read more

7 Best Substitutes for Paprika

What Should You Know About Paprika? As some of you might have known, paprika is a popular ingredient to add a smoky or sweet flavor to your dish. Besides, you can also take the paprika to garnish your food with an impressively bright red color. Some paprika types offer a slightly spicy flavor, combing with … Read more

8 Best Sweet Onion Substitutes

Best Sweet Onion Substitutes

Sweet onion is a popular type of onion that lacks a pungent flavor. Some well-known sweet onions include OsoSweets, Vidalias, Mauis, Texas sweets, and Walla Wallas. When first hearing the name, you might think this onion contains a lot of sugar. On the other hand, the opposite is true. It does not have any. Instead, … Read more

8 Best Substitute For Milk In Cornbread

Best Substitute For Milk In Cornbread

What Should You Know About Cornbread? Concerning its definition, cornbread is a kind of bread made from cornmeal. It used to be one of the typical food of the Native Americans, then spread out globally as a part of the Southern United States cuisine. Its name has its origin in an Indian meal phrase, which … Read more

8 Best Milk Substitutes for Mac & Cheese

Milk Substitutes For Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese, also called macaroni and cheese in the U.S, is a dish mixed with a stringy, creamy, melty cheese sauce and cooked macaroni pasta. Based on each region, there are many ways to make mac and cheese. The most popular method is to create a thickening agent called a roux and mix it … Read more