8 Best Substitute For Milk In Cornbread

What Should You Know About Cornbread?

Concerning its definition, cornbread is a kind of bread made from cornmeal. It used to be one of the typical food of the Native Americans, then spread out globally as a part of the Southern United States cuisine.

Its name has its origin in an Indian meal phrase, which was named by the British colonies in the 17th century. That might have its root from its main ingredient –  corn. The grain can be grown quickly and easily on India’s soil.

Plus, you can notice it is a usual spice in bread recipes such as oats or wheat of the Indian.

Another reason for cornbread’s popularity might be its low price. In the American civil war period, cornbread is widely used in various kinds, such as being fried or highly risen.

To the recipe of making cornbread, you need to prepare flour, cream or sour milk, soda, sugar, eggs, and salt. The result should be crumbly and light bread. Not only does it offers a grainy flavor, but it also has a plain or sweet taste, smoothly combining with the creamy tang of the milk.

However, what should you do if you forget to buy the crucial sour milk listed in the recipe? No need to worry, for there are a lot of substitutes on the market for you to pick up.

Best Substitute For Milk In Cornbread

Top 8 Best Substitute For Milk In Cornbread

According to many experts and studies, I have found eight usual alternatives for the milk in cornbread. They include powdered milk, half-and-half or cream, cashew milk, oat milk, sour cream, soy milk, almond milk, or water.

1. Powdered Milk

Some people think that powdered milk can only be used in infant formula or chocolates.

Then, I confirm that is a wrong belief simply because it can also alter the regular sour milk in cornbread recipes and other food that calls for the ingredient.

Of course, some people might not like its flavor, even when drinking. Then, think about the buttermilk in the dry version. They are pretty familiar and have a long life span in the proper storage.

What’s more, when replacing the sour milk with the powdered one, a ratio of 1:1 is recommended.


2. Half-and-Half or Cream

Half-and-half is what to call a mixture of half cream and half milk. Due to the feature, this substitute contains a considerable amount of fat content. That could make your bread denser than usual.

I suggest adding a tiny amount of water to balance your bread’s texture to solve the issue. A 1:1 ratio of water to cream is possible.

Blend the mixture lightly and thoroughly until it reaches the consistency you desire.

Plus, reduce the whole amount of fat content in your recipe.

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3. Cashew Milk

When picking up the best substitute, one of the factors you should keep in mind is its nutrient element. And, no need to say, if I rate on the ten scales, the Cashew milk would take the ten rate on this aspect.

Simply because it has a positive effect on our health due to many suitable substances, namely vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, and minerals.

Using the milk in the long term would prevent you from many diseases, especially heart ones, and improve your immune system.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that cashew milk contains nut ingredients. Hence, suppose you are allergic to the fruit, ignore this substitute.

Besides, compared with cow’s milk, cashew milk has a thicker consistency. That tends to lead to a moister texture of the cornbread made from this version.

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4. Oat Milk

To compensate for the above Cashew milk, this oat milk can replace the usual sour milk without changing the cornbread’s texture. More than that, the non-dairy product from oat is suitable for vegans alike.

On the other hand, the milk might change your cornbread’s flavor a little bit. So be aware of the factor when choosing this option.

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5. Sour Cream

When trying many alternatives for milk, I was pretty impressed with this sour cream for its unique tangy taste.

Hence, I suggest it as the next option. But, bear in mind that it contains a more significant amount of fat contents than regular milk. Therefore, you need to get it thinned by adding water. If not, the end cornbread’s texture would fail to meet your expectation.

For more details, you can use one cup of water mixed with three cups of sour cream to have the perfect replacement.

Besides, for some, they do not want to change the initial flavor of their bread. Then, adding a little vanilla extract would help.

You also like this cream like me to mix it with the milk for the upcoming usage.

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6. Soy Milk

Do you often use soy milk as a morning drink or light meal?

Then, please make use of it to replace the sour milk lacked. It can give you a big surprise for completing the cornbread’s texture and taste unchanged. Of course, that is in case you do not use the sweetened version.

Besides, it is also a gift for vegans who can not find any substitute for dairy milk.

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7. Almond Milk

Another option you can consider is almond milk, a kind of plant milk that includes no lactose or cholesterol combined with a low amount of saturated fat.

Besides its benefit for vegans, Almond milk also offers a unique nutty taste and a creamy texture. Of course, this feature might lead to a bit of dryer cornbread at the end.

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8. Water

If all of the above suggestions do not satisfy you yet, you hurry, pick up the water as the last best substitute.

Of course, no matter how high-quality water you use, it does not taste as the regular sour milk does.

To fix the issues, try to add a little bit of butter. To become a better swap, one cup of water should be mixed with one teaspoon of butter. At least, the fat content on this mixture is similar to regular milk.

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FAQs About Milk In Cornbread Substitutes

Can I use mayo instead of milk in cornbread?

The primary function of milk in cornbread is to prevent the food’s texture from being crumbly. And the mayonnaise does the job as well as its partner. Hence, you can replace the milk with mayo in most cases. The taste would be nearly unchanged alike.

How To Create A Less Crumbly Cornbread?

The main factor making the cornbread crumbly is flour. A higher amount of cornmeal also makes cornbreads easy to break into small pieces. Therefore, I suggest using less cornmeal and more flour to avoid your bread from being damaged.


To sum up above is the best substitute for milk in cornbread you can consider.

Overall, powdered milk is seen as one of the most common alternatives. It offers a similar texture to the bread. Also, you can store it for a long time without changing the quality.

Besides, suppose you prioritize the nutrients of the substitute, I recommend the Cashew milk. It contains a lot of health-beneficial ingredients with a unique nutty flavor.