7 Best Substitutes for Heavy Cream

What Should You Know About Heavy Cream?

Concerning its definition, heavy cream is a kind of fat milk produced by collecting the high-fat part lying on the top of the homogenized milk. Sometimes, it is also called heavy whipping cream.

For more details, heavy cream offers a comprehensive practical application, such as making homemade butter, sour creams, sauces, soups, or ice creams.

Besides, a high percentage of fat is included in the heavy cream, ranging from 35% to 40%. Following research, the fat amount surpasses that on light cream, whipping cream, Mascarpone, and half-and-half cream.

Due to the features, the heavy cream might not be suitable for those with obesity or being on a diet.

Mine suggests solving the issue is to find its alternatives, including a low level of fat and no dairy.

Best Substitutes For Heavy Cream

7 Best Heavy Cream Substitutes for Cooking & Baking

There are tons of heavy cream substitutes on the market nowadays. So, which one is the best one that fits your needs?

According to many experts and studies, the list includes half-and-half cream, greek yogurt, coconut milk, butter and milk mixture, cornstarch and milk, Mascarpone, and Creme Fraiche.

#1. Half-and-half

As its name indicated, the half-and-half substitute contains half fresh milk and half cream. The low fat of the ingredient is best in cooking sauces, soups, and others and creates a soft layer.

Nevertheless, it might not be an excellent option to make baked goods. It might not lead to a perfect structure as you expect in regular heavy cream.

How to Make Half and Half

#2. Greek Yogurt

As a big fan of yogurt, I suggest the popular Greek yogurt as the next substitute.

When thinking about the swap, consider its full-fat component before using it. It can fit well with some recipes requiring a sour and thick spice, such as creamy sauces and soups, mashed potatoes, etc.

Suppose you find its texture not similar to the heavy cream; adding extra milk would help. Keep in mind not to add it in the high heat, or they would curdle quickly.

Plus, cause it does not have the whipping component, do not utilize it for ingredients such as dessert recipes.

What’s more, suppose you are a sweet lover, adding a little of confectioner’s sugar into the yogurt is my suggestion.

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#3. Coconut Milk

Are you seeking a heavy cream alternative that is suitable for vegans? Then, nothing is better than coconut milk.

Coconut milk has a similar creamy richness to its counterpart. On the other hand, it contains the coconut flavor. Therefore, it can change food flavors such as the potato au gratin or others.

Also, I prefer the full-fat coconut milk instead of its light version due to its perfect thickness. The cream of coconut is not recommended alike for its sweet flavor.

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#4. Butter And Milk

A mixture of butter and milk can replace the heavy cream for many recipes pretty well. Both of them have high creamy richness and fat levels and similar tastes.

For more details, to make the mixture, use a 1: 3 ratio of butter to milk and whip them up into heavy cream.

If you want to raise the liquid’s thickness, gradually add a little flour until it meets your demand.

Moreover, the butter and milk alternative is suitable for baking and cooking, not the whipping recipe. It can add extra creaminess and flavor for your dishes only.

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#5. Cornstarch And Milk

Are you overwhelmed with the high-calorie, high-fat substitute, which might harm your slim body?

Then, the combination between cornstarch and milk would be your solution.

Like the butter, cornstarch works as a factor to raise the thickness of the milk, leading to the mixture’s similar texture with the heavy cream.

When creating the mixture, use one cup of milk combined with two cups of cornstarch. Stir thoroughly until it looks like heavy cream.

Concerning its usage, you can utilize the swap in cooking. But it tends not to be suitable with baked goods or whipping. If you apply it to the wrong recipes, there might be a high chance it could alter the flavor.

Some people also take advantage of skim milk or whole milk instead of the normal one. Those unique spices can decrease the fat and calories content in the mixture.

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#6. Creme Fraiche

When I first sought the heavy cream substitute, I found it pretty hard to pick up the one with the correct sour taste as I desired.

Luckily, after several searches and tries, I realize the Creme Fraiche cream matches my needs. More than that, the cultured cream offers a thick layer and a light tank, which significantly enhances my soups’ outlook and keeps their flavor no change.

Besides, you can utilize this alternative for puddings, stews, and others.

Homemade Sour Cream! How to Make Creme Fraiche

#7. Mascarpone

Do you not like the low-fat substitute I recommend above? Then, the Mascarpone could satisfy your needs.

That is to say; the mascarpone cheese contains up to 44% of fat content. This option gets sweeter when compared with creme fraiche, although the same way makes them both.

Regarding its usage, chefs often stir Mascarpone to dress their salads or dollop it on the cake. Besides, you can utilize the thick dairy item in making sauces, stews, or soups.

How To Make Mascarpone / Homemade Mascarpone / Michael Lim

Heavy Cream Vs. Whipping Cream: Which Is The Difference?

Although the heavy cream and whipping cream look similar, they still have some differences.

For example, you might notice that the whipping cream tends to deflate sooner than its partner when dressing on the desserts.

That has its root in the fat content included in the products. For more details, the heavy whipping cream or the heavy cream contains around 36% to 40% of the fat substance. On the other hand, whipping cream’s whipping cream is permanently lower than 35%.

Therefore, whenever you top the heavy cream on hot chocolates, banana splits, or pumpkin pies, its texture can keep longer than the whipping one.

But both can be whipped up, so there is no need to worry if you only have the whipping cream left for your backed goods.

What’s the Difference Between Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream?

FAQs About Heavy Cream Substitutes

How To Make Heavy Cream From Powdered Milk?

Suppose you lack heavy cream for your recipe; using the powder milk combing with the cottage cheese would help. Skim milk with the low-fat feature is also possible.

Then, take a 1:1 ratio of powdered milk to the cottage cheese and thoroughly blend them. Ensure there are no lumps in this process. After that, the end mixture would be the perfect heavy cream you want.

Can I Replace All Purpose Cream For The Usual Heavy Cream?

Of course, the all-purpose cream can be an excellent substitute for either heavy cream or whipping cream. However, remember to thicken it first by making it chilled. High consistency ensures the cream can keep its shape in the cooking process or for other purposes.

What can I substitute for heavy cream?


In summary, above is the complete list of best substitutes for heavy cream.

When choosing suitable replacements, keep in mind to check their thickness, flavor, creaminess, and fat content so that they all fit your demands.

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