8 Best Substitutes for Apple Cider

Apple cider is a well-known beverage made from apples. According to many reviews, the ingredient is versatile, which can be used as decoration on salads and a component in cooking dumplings or doughnuts.

Besides, drinking apple cider is proved to be good for our health. It helps decrease the amount of cholesterol, boost insulin sensitivity, keep the blood sugar levels balanced, and other functions.

However, in some cases, you can not find a cup of apple cider nearby while the recipe needs it. I suggest using one of the replacements below to solve your problem. Scroll down to see the full details!

Substitutes For Apple Cider

8 Best Substitutes For Apple Cider

1. Lemon Juice

Like apple cider, lemon juice offers an acidity flavor cause it has a low pH with high acid levels.

You can use the condiment in desserts and baked dishes to add extra citrusy, light taste and create a more enjoyable meal.

Besides, it is pretty suitable for dressing salads or in cooking. That would enhance the number of vitamins in the dishes, making them healthier than usual.

Hence, make use of lemon juice or lime juice whenever you lack the beverage from apples.

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar might be one of the most common ingredients in many kitchens and local stores. That is the reason I recommend it as an excellent alternative to apple cider.

Vinegar is a combination of distilled water and acetic acid. It does not contain the fruity flavor you sense in the apple cider. However, its discrete taste can amply compensate for the lack, helping it match well with several foods.

For some, the color of the white vinegar, which is different from red apple ciders, makes them worry about the overall look of the food at the end. The appearance would lead to no change after all.

Concerning the dishes, you can replace the apple cider with white vinegar in sauces, pickles, stews, and marinades. Plus, some lightly sour foods needing acidity can use vinegar as well.

3. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is first found in Italy. It includes grapes so that you can notice a subtle fruity taste in the condiment. That is why it substitutes for the apple cider well, particularly in savory sauces.

It is also a versatile ingredient to be used in many dishes, ranging from marinades, sauces, pasta to salads.

Nevertheless, the vinegar contains a more complex flavor with an intensely darker color. Hence, consider using just a tiny amount of balsamic vinegar not to change the flavor after all.

4. Apple Juice

Suppose you want to find the closest replacement of the apple cider, prioritize the apple juice. Both are made from apples, so they have nearly no difference in taste or color.

The only distinction between them might come from the preparation process. While the apple juice is fully pasteurized and filtered, the cider might still have a few pulp particles.

Plus, for some, the apple juice tends to be sweeter. Consider reducing the number of sugars in the recipe to solve the issue.

Of course, it is best if you could find apple juice that is not sweetened. Then, no change has to be made while converting those two ingredients.

5. Rice Vinegar

Some might not know, but rice vinegar can be an excellent substitute for many condiments, including apple cider.

That does not come from its health benefits but its versatility and popularity in many Asian countries like China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

There is no doubt that rice vinegar can add extra acidic flavors to your meals.

More than that, a few drops of vinegar can ultimately perfect the salads. Do not forget to mix the dishes with a tablespoon of lemon juice to create a fruity flavor.

Often, rice vinegar would give the best results in tangy soups, stir-frying veggies, and riced-based meals.

6. Red Wine Vinegar

The next name is red wine vinegar that has a pretty full-bodied and harsh flavor, mainly when used with a considerable amount. Hence, if you use it instead of apple cider, start with just a tiny number, then increase gradually if needed.

As you can see, red, white vinegar has a deeper red hue. That might change the look of your food at the end. Given that you do not have a reddish convert to white wine, vinegar would help.

7. Orange Juice

Suppose you do not mind the slight sweetness of the orange juice; pick it up to replace the apple cider. Remember to use less sugar to preserve the dish’s taste.

The juiceā€™s citrusy flavor matches well with most foods. Plus, it offers an intensely acidic and tart taste. That makes it suitable for being added in marinades, glazes, and sauces.

Besides, you might not be strange with the advantages of orange juice in respect of health. The flavonoids included in the drink can protect your heart. Using it every day can avoid chronic diseases, for the antioxidants contained helps remove free radicals.

8. Pear juice

Last but not least is pear juice, a common ingredient used in jellies and jams. The alternative is also a bit sweeter, so do not use much sugar in the recipe.

In case you do not have the fresh pears available, think about the canned or dried ones. They often have a similar texture and flavor.

But, do not mistake them with pear nectar. The latter has a thinner consistency and the percentage of sugar included is too large to replace the apple cider.

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FAQs About Apple Cider Substitutes

Is Apple Cider And Apple Vinegar The Same?

While they are both made from apples, apple cider and apple vinegar are different ingredients in cooking.

That means apple cider is more similar to apple juice. Meanwhile, it takes time to ferment apple vinegar into alcohol before changing it into acetic acid.

Can You Use Pineapple Juice To Replace Apple Cider?

Pineapple juice can replace apple cider well if you do not mind its sweetness.

Of course, you can add a few more ingredients to make the substitute better. For example, use fresh pineapples, not canned ones. Mix them with two tablespoons of white vinegar or lemon juice, and you will have a less sweet drink.

Can You Remove The Alcohol In The Apple Cider At Home?

My answer is no; you should not remove the alcohol in any cider, including the apple one. Since it was made by fermenting apple juice hundreds of years ago, cider has been an alcoholic beverage.

So, getting rid of the alcohol included requires a complex industrial process, which is hard to do at home. That is why you only see pure ciders in the supermarket but not in household pantries.


In conclusion, above is a list of eight substitutes for apple cider. Overall, I recommend lemon juice as the most fantastic replacement for its popularity and many health benefits.

Moreover, suppose you want a closer alternative for the cider, pick up the apple juice. However, considering that you are not in a hurry, making apple cider from the liquid would be the best solution.

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